She demanded we get back together and I caved. Then when we do talk he will want me to video the apartment. He has a password for messaging his photos literally everything on his phone.

Any tips would help. But what do I do about our physical relationship? Once we even passed each other as he was driving to our house. January 20, at 6: Maybe he is an expat, maybe he is also someone like you, different than the majority, but he is definitely out there for you.

With productive, smart and positive people only. The first one, to me, is incredibly limiting and has the potential to cause a lot of problems including jealousy, loneliness, dating to relationship timeline frustration in your life. My heart is breaking inside my chest, and the whole thing seems so incredibly stupid and wasteful. And as someone who uses Facebook, I know this is easier said than done. Thinking I was not attracted to anyone like girls and guys and becoming a asexual. Getting married did not change those negative thoughts of his as I thought it would. We both have a Facebook and have access to each other accounts. The positive side, we are getting through it, and with the help of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the love of Our sweet Mother Mary you all can as well. July 4, at 4: I find myself even saying to others, he may not be attractive but he treats me like a queen, trying to make others look past the outer appearance and give me some justification. Joined Facebook or single Facebook account. He has cheated on me in the past, at beginning of our relationship when i was 3months pregnant with our first child. Sometimes foreplay can even seem a little boring to me. I only knew about it because he was asking ne on how and y he could not log in. I am clear that I love the essential him, however I am not clear if those feelings are reciprocated and that has been hard to live with. And his ex traded up from him? These were my sons clothes out of my storage unit, that I just stuck in a drawer and forgot about. But he is always there for me emotionally, something I have never had before. He saved me from the lies of my cheating husband by hacking his phone. Blaming the technology just gives people a pass for poor behavior. We got radioactive dating absolute age together and things were great because I worked on my insecurity and we worked on better communication. August 13, at 8:

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Click here to get it NOW! Not really sure where to begin but here goes…. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 7 years, we have two daughters 5 and 1.

Since the first week of even being together I was being accused of talking to other guys. And that was Sometimes he would ask my manager to sign my time sheet so he can know I was at work,I always have to print out my time sheets. I have never in my life cheated on this man.

We are trying to build a family, I would never mess that up. Just yesterday he came to me saying he knew I cheated and asking me why would I do that,my only response was I never cheated. Idk how to prove t him otherwise. I have two kids with him, I just want us to be happy. Mind you he has access to my phone and I have no social media at all. I dont have any friends. The only people I talk to is my sisters and my mama on a daily basis.

I believe that some people had childhoods where one or both of the parents cheated and the kids picked up on that behavior and all the deceit that goes with it. A friend I grew up with fits this scenario. Every guy she has dated including the 2 guys that fathered her children she accused them of cheating. This woman is one of those women that has a lot of guy friends, and she probably had sex with more than a few of them.

She on the other hand creates things in her head and accuses the boyfriends of cheating. This woman also constantly says that her sister is such a slut and she would never do the things her sister does. I call BS I think this woman has gotten around a lot more than she lets on. This woman also Insults, degrades, humiliates her man as well as being accusatory towards him. So much so that he stopped wanting sex with her. So what does she do? Our relationship has always been, not rocky but more times than not we have had a good relationship.

We have 2 children who are being affected greatly by this mess. I know I should grab my kids and run like hell, but here is the problem. I also love him very much and he is a great dad when he is not suffering from this crap, I just need to know a place to start to help us, if there is anyone with any information that would be fantastic. Thank you and God Bless. Was your husband in the military or deployed to war?

This is all I have to blame this behavior on. The things my husband accuses me of doing, are horrible, and unthinkable. I dont even look nor am I the least interested in another man, or trying to find one. I got married bc I fell in love w my husband, who he is.

His personality and the friendship that he convinced me we had. Now I just feel alone and unable to make him happy due to made up dirty scandalous bullshit that is not real.

I am scared my son is going to believe that he has to live his life on some one else option of him. I dont have to have a mans attention to feel complete. But the security I am supposed to have and feel bc we got married is not there. No matter how good and strong the relationship in your marriage is, you always need a marriage counselor.

I have been with my OH for 9 years now and have a baby girl together. He has been both a rock to me and I adore him so much. He has helped me out of my cluttered rut and has been the only one to have my back, but also reduces me to tears dramione matchmaking he randomly accuses me of constantly cheating, having a boyfriend and meeting up with exes, and people from my past.

None of these I have done or ever intended on doing. An example of this was last night. He woke from a snooze on the settee and basically out of the blue accused me of getting sexual favours elsewhere and that I have always had a secret BF… I was gobsmacked. I wanted to go there to see if they were valid and to see how much was on them. During this time, My LO was getting increasingly sweaty and uncomfortable in her fluffy snow suit so I took it off her to make her feel better.

I bought some stuff, and then got back in the car, leaving her snow suit off as she was warm, dating someone youre not sexually attracted to. On the way home I stopped to get milk and bread from a supermarket and took my LO in without her coat. She was warm enough from being in the warm car. Safe dating verification legit I went home to find my OH already home.

He immediately questioned me to where I was. He said I NEVER dating someone youre not sexually attracted to our baby have no coat and it was weird… and accused me of going to meet someone at their house or something.

I said so what, she was HOT and sweaty so I removed it… why on earth would you come to this conclusion from that?????

So this was last winter… and last night he randomly brought it up again. I cant say how many times I have had to defend myself. He wont believe me and it is making me feel worse. I already have depression. Or secretly guilty of cheating on me himself? I have no answers to this. I went through a bit of a depression somewhat linked to our relationship issues, and it affected my sex drive.

That was the basis for her forming the thought that I was getting sex elsewhere. The more I explained myself, the worse it got. It got to a point where she had unfiltered access to my phone and social media. I led a predictable life of either being home, being at work, being with her, or in route to one of those three.

When in route its an hour commute from home to work I was on the phone with her the entire time in the mornings and evenings. There are one occasion where I wanted to stop in a store for 5 minutes. I asked her if I could call her back once I got back in the car. Boy was that a mistake. We were one the phone for hours one night, when I excused myself from the call to use the bathroom.

Again that was a major issue, because I stayed on a call with her before, so why was now different. She once expressed reservation about calling me at work. I told her that she was more important to me than my job, and should feel comfortable calling me at work. She called me once at work for a non emergency, while I was in an important meeting.

Again, that was a problem. I could go on and on with crazy examples. One thing I found was the more concessions I made, the more I tried to ease her fears by giving up my privacy, the more she grew certain that I was cheating.

It got to the point where the closer we got to our wedding date, the worse the accusations got. I remember I just got in the car after work,and called the DJ, who had been impossible to reach I almost thought he ghosted on us at the last minute.

I finally got him on a call to discuss getting him this list when she called. I mean completely livid. I tried to explain what and why, but it was no use. It got exponentially worse leading up to the wedding, where she started accusing my daughter of manipulating me, and that was just about the last straw for me.

It was one thing to subject me to that hell, but I was not going to put my children through it. I called off the wedding the morning before the wedding date when we had a viciously nasty fight about how she knew with percent certainty that I was having sex with a co-worker that in reality I barely speak to and was not attracted to.

I only wanted to be with her and tried harder then anything in my life to make this relationship work but I realize now that she needs help which I offered to her. I m accused everyday as well.

My boyfriend thinks I cheat on him when he is sleeping or when I use the bathroom or go to do laundry. He leaves me every night n when he comes back he says well did you get it out of your system? I mostly sit in our bedroom with the door shut n alone with my American bulldog.

He thinks I screw everyone. He has kissed me maybe 5 times since end of October. He barely touches me. He makes me feel like I am not worthy to breath the air, dating someone youre not sexually attracted to. Any roommate we have had he always accusers me of screwing them!

I still get to have dating someone youre not sexually attracted to with other women every now and then. So,I had the same anxiety as you,then. Calls me a tramp, slit, whore and so on. If you stay, it will only get worse. I found out after I left that he WAS cheating on me — first just emotionally through social media — it had been going on for at least a year. I did however forward it to Hubby and we sat down that night together and he saw the pattern…he admitted she was incredibly prompt to respond. When I do decide to tell him he rejects me straight away. He loves you very much, died for you and I. I agree with Adelina completely on this one — this post came at the best time. She is on her phone all day long as well and then comes home and gets on her phone. May 31, at 4: I am often very worried seeing the women all around me glued to their cell phones typing like a machine. Less picky people eats road kills. If your spouse uses snapchat a lot and is protective of their phone, things might not be all good any more. Am I emotionally connected — first to myself and then to my wife? I could use all of the great advice from you guys that I can get! I think I read on one of these anxiety posts previously about craving ex-boyfriends… About reminding ourselves that there was a REASON that those past relationships didnt work out. August 24, at 9: I have been alone for almost 10 years. Lots of people feel no attraction for lots of reasons, and it would be hard to list them all. Do if I should just take a long break choosing not to date, or if I should take up a guy on his offer that has some of the things that are appealing to me and see what happens… I also fear wasting time, bringing my daughter around someone else who will leave, not falling in love ever, or passing up the opportunity with a decent guy because of all my fears and regretting it later in life. I really and truly have no idea what to do!!! Someone please tell me I am not crazy! He is the type of guy I have always wanted. You have definitely helped me understand myself more and has brought comfort to me that I am not the only one going through this. Howwever, I find myself fantasizing about him and wondering dating and marriage customs in india it could have been like if we stayed together. Do you view arguments as wars to be won at all cost? He has accused me of cheating with men at work, neighbors, doctors, men that are our boys dads and even our boys friends. It happened out of no where and from that point never stopped. They had been in contact for over 6 years.